Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Photo images copyright © 2015 A Large Evil Corporation.

Bizarre vinyl dolls from Vinyl-Idolz to please the nonconformist intellectual @ and @ Vinyl Sugar!

Friday, May 1, 2015

For the Love of Doug Johnson! 1900

Artwork copyright © 1976 Doug Johnson / Paramount Pictures.

Another great piece of art on auction by grand master illustrator Doug Johnson @ Heritage Auction!
Lettering by Gerard Huerta.

Charles E. White III Rules the World!

 Spilled Food
Airbrush ink & dyes, collage on illustration board.
Artwork © 1975 Charles E. White III.

An original by Charles E. White III @ Heritage Auction is on the block!
Fantaztik art & a great buy!
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Monday, April 20, 2015

For the Love of Doug Johnson!

Copyright © 1997 Doug Johnson / Chelsea Theatre.

Finally found this Doug Johnson Illustration for the Chelsea Theatre of a Brooklyn License Plate in yellow orange and blue. Searched the web-wide and never found it except as small black and white jpeg.
[Thanx to illustrator Thomas Gieseke for posting it on designer Roger Carpenter's Facebook post]

Monday, April 6, 2015

More Bang For Your Book! Part 2

Artwork copyright © Ten Speed Press / Warren Dotz, Jack Mingo, and George Moyer.

Firecrackers! An Eye-Popping Collection of Chinese Firework Art is the gift book version of Firecrackers: The Art & History by Warren Dotz, Jack Mingo, and George Moyer for Ten Speed Press. Within this small but potent book are pages and pages of outstanding firework labels and packaging art to fill the skies with rockets red glare for any avid or novice collector.

Great book cover which is designed with a foil type treatment exploding against a black on black graphic background. The end pages are adorned with a repeated monochromatic blue Chinese dragon design to set off the display inside. The book is categorized into topical chapters and each chapter provides numerous examples. From Magical Creatures to Outer Space Odysseys to Pop Culture Icons, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Firecrackers! An Eye-Popping Collection of Chinese Firework Art may be a small but it's powder-packed with high explosives to light the fuse and set off your imaginative mind!
It's a BLAST!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Grotesque Is in the Eye of the Beholder!

Artwork copyright © 2015 Aeron Alfrey.
Get an eyeful of Grotesque from Aeron Alfrey @ Monster Brains!
It's scary but delightful, gruesome but enchanting.
Aeron Alfrey is a modern day Hieronymus Bosch.

Monday, March 16, 2015

More Bang For Your Book! Part 1

Scans and photographs copyright © 2015 Ten Speed Press / Warren Dotz, Jack Mingo, and George Moyer.
Firecrackers: The Art & History by Warren Dotz, Jack Mingo, and George Moyer for Ten Speed Press reads more like a reference book than an art book. It puts the firecracker in historical perspective. From the firecracker's humble beginnings in small manufacturing shops in Ancient China to its modern day overblown (pardon the pun) commercial success worldwide, the firecracker has impacted our lives. It is no longer just a noisemaker to warn off evil spirits. It's also a money making product that changed Old Europe and the New World.
Firecrackers is brightly illustrated from cover to cover with label art and photography that will light your fuse. There are insightful anecdotes peppered amongst the chapters by people of importance who noted and quoted the visions of their times in reference to firecrackers and their usage. The spiritual and patriotic side of firecrackers is explored in all its splendor.
Firecrackers: The Art & History will show you how firecrackers are manufactured and distributed back in the olden days of China and how some of these processes have changed little to our present day.  There are insightful tips on how to collect fireworks with warnings to the wise of the ills and spills of collecting way too much. Caution: This book may be hazardous to your heath if you don't use common sense in engaging and lighting firecrackers properly. Safety 1st!

So what is the "appeal" of collecting firecrackers and their label art? Why anything... and everything one finds of interest can be appealing in these powder packed pieces of paper. From childhood memories of playful mischief to the aesthetic value one as a collector finds in collecting labels of various themes like Animals, Patriotic Wars, Folklore, Movie Monsters, and even Cowboys and Indians. Firecracker labels have lasted throughout the decades and are on display in this book which is a must for the avid collector or curious spectator.


Firecracker: The Art & History will make you explode with joyful exuberance!

Authors Warren Dotz, Jack Mingo, and George Moyer are all experts in the collecting of firecrackers and their label art. Each one brings to this book his pyrotechnics knowledge as authors, technicians, and collectors in the making of this somewhat explosive book.

For a free look and a place to buy, check out Firecrackers: The Art & History @